We thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Hope’s children.

As of June 2017, we have officially combined the Jr. Circle of Hope women’s group and the Ambassador group, to create one unified group of Ambassadors of Hope. Together they better the lived of children and families at Hope through their financial and social involvement. The Ambassadors of Hope increase awareness of Hope by spreading the word about its work, and tap their personal and professional networks to help Hope connect with the community.

Congratulations to the Ambassador class of 2017 who were inducted on November 30th. The Ambassadors of Hope accept membership year round and create an action-oriented and meaningful avenue for men and women in the community to support Hope.

Details of Ambassadors of Hope:

  • Gain first-hand knowledge of Hope through an Experience Hope tour, which includes a tour of Hope’s programs, informational luncheon, and time in the classroom
  • Increase awareness of Hope and its programs
  • Raise funds and friends to support the children and families at Hope
  • Receive special invitations and notifications on upcoming events, engagement opportunities, and the Annual Holiday Celebration
  • Subscription to e-newsletters regarding updates and information about Hope
  • Recognition as an Ambassador of Hope in major fundraising event materials
  • Ambassadors receive specially designed Ambassador of Hope neckwear/medallion and name badges to be worn at events as designated.


  • $500 annual commitment to Hope – paid by January 31st
  • Male Ambassadors will wear tuxedos at all major events in which they are representing Hope, including the Annual Holiday Celebration.
  • Two event tickets to Style of Hope

Next Generation:

  •  $100 annual commitment to Hope – paid by January 31st
  • Individuals thirty five years of age and under
  • One event ticket to Style of Hope

Click on the button to pay your annual commitment safely.

Established Payment Next Generation Payment

Ambassadors of Hope

Jill Aiello
Michael Aiello
Jim  Augenstein
Jeff Baker
David Barkus
Sara Barnard
Wes Barr
Jason Barth
Emily Becker
Erica  Beeman
Brent  Beeman
Jeremy Bell
Stephen Bochenek
Ashleigh Brinkman
Amanda Brott
Jeff Brower
Richard Brown
Abigail Buoy
Chris Butler
Katherine  Cadigan
Miguel Calderon
Dax  Campbell
Peter Casper
April  Cave
Michael Coffey, Sr.
Ginny Conlee
Tucker Copi
Ryan  Cour
Erin Crumly
Kevin Crumly
Timothy DaRosa
Jack  Davis
Brent  Davis
Jenna Davlin
Meggie  Davlin
Megan DeFrain
Rajan Dhamrait
Louis Dixon
Lara Donovan
Richard Dunn
T.J.  Dura
John Eck
J. Garth Elzea
Jonathan Erickson
Carl Fischer
Kay  Fischer
Greg Gardner
Randy Germeraad
Joshua  Gibson
Pete Graham
Mark Greenwald
Andrew Griswold
Evan Hart
Cliff Hathaway
Chris Hembrough
Dennis Hendricks
Becky  Hendricks
Josh Hester
Alysse Hewell
Heather Hines
Bob Hughes
Brett Jackson
Shannon Jones
Chad Jones
Lance  Jones
Maggie  Jordan
John Jordan
Stephen Kaufmann
Kirsten Kienzler
Bernard Killian
Kay  King
Angie Koester
Courtney Kohlrus
Phil  Lackman
Richard Langer
Richard Lawrence
Chris  Leming
Thomas Lex
Bill  Logsdon
Tara Long
Paula Lucore
Brandon  Maddox
Cress Maddox
Michael Mahorney
Sammi Mander
Abbey Mandeville
John Maxfield
Jeanette McCarthy
JP McClernon
Jim McDonough
Kristin Miller
Mary Miller
Robert Mizeur
Kelly  Mizeur
John Moore
Jim Morphew
Greg Muller
Jessica  Nardulli
Pete  Naylor
Chris Nelson
Aaron Nichols
Christine  Novaria
Kevin O’Dea
William O’Sullivan
Connie  O’Sullivan
Stephen Otten
Clint  Paul
Jill Paul
Megan  Peck
Sergio Pecori
Mike Pence
Chris Perrin
Bill  Peterman
A. Nicholas Petrone
Pat Phalen
Josh Renken
Leigh  Renken
Heidi Rhoades
Rayna Rikas
Ted Robinson
Mark Rose
Pete Sander
Sharon Sander
Maggie  Schaefer
Paul Schafer
Ed Schainker
Jennifer  Schuermann
Alan Schuermann
Gregory Scott
Hugh Seelbach
Gary Seitz
Bridget  Selinger
Emily Sergot
Abby Sgro
James Skeeters
Nancy Smith
Joshua Sonneborn
David Stake
Mark Stribling
Lawrence Sweat
Skylar  Tierney
Curtis Tillett
Nick Tode
Jeremy Travelstead
Dave Tretter
Paul Turner
Dave Waggoner
Abby  Walsh
Elizabeth  Watson
Robert Westbrook
David White
Bradley Wike
Jeff  Wilday
Shannon Wilmarth
Terry Winson
Emily Wright
Dan Wright
Bradley Zara
Mike Zengilani
Alyse  Zinzilieta

Updated 6/22/2017
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